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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  February 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hello again. it's the top of the hour. let's have a look at the weather. >> let's look at@doppler. i was just uploading information for us. i think it's not bad news. here is this clapper system moving our way. let me show you here, this is pretty much going to paint the picture. the low that is the clipper is going to come over us, dragging mild air up the 95 corridor ahead of it moisture, which means we're looking at a mess, disruptive but not necessarily problematic. along the 95 corridor north and west we have a winter weather advisory in effect. you may get 3 to 6 inches.
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but the sloppy mix could migrate north and west. this is once again going to become more of a mess, disruptive than problematic. as a matter of fact, temperatures at lunch will be above freeze. the low is going to be 36, 37 degrees, bringing the moisture into the neighborhoods. at dinner we're above freezing. we'll see a break in the action. the precip during the night will break. as it comes back, we'll have a burst of snow because we're at 27. so what we're talking about over 12 hours is a mix mess. compared to last week, it's a mosquito bite. the trend is for no change in this outlook. that's what i was checking on. that's good news. no surprises. thank you. here is sharon in the traffic control. >> nothing too major major.
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we have an accident but not causing any delays, that's on the west side inner loop at baltimore international pike. no delays there. we have police activity in owings mills at 795, also east madison at inns brook. here is 95 at white marsh, smooth and delay free, same thing for west side, looking quiet at liberty road. we are always on at back to you. today we are continuing cleanup from last week's two storms. it's a race against time to get the schools back open. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. most schools in the area didn't open a single day last week. with more snow on the way, howard county officials are
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saying they won't hold classes again tomorrow. the big question is will other schools follow? an unexpected week off for thousands of students across the state last week as a historic snowstorm crippled every kept in maryland. with cleanup still under way and more snow forecast for tonight, officials are using the president's day holiday to get things ready for tomorrow. >> we do need the extra time. it's a 100-year storm. it's unprecedented. we need as much time and help as possible. >> reporter: baltimore's mayor helped city employees clear snow near schools and today asking for more help to clear sidewalks so children can get to school without walking in the middle of the street. >> we have to make sure schools are ready to open tuesday. if you're and able bodied person with a shovel and school if your neighborhood, please
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help us. >> reporter: still five days after the storm, some side streets haven't been cleared. people on bowers avenue in northwest baltimore remain frustrated about the condition of their street. >> i had the water heater blow up. the man couldn't get up the street so i don't have any hot water. it's a mess up in here. >> reporter: most school districts are exceeded their allotted numb of snow days so the superintendent is proposing to lessen the number of required school days for the year because of all this snow. back to you. thank you very much. trash and recycling pickup in the area, baltimore city resuming normal cycles tomorrow after the holiday. police in frederick fatally
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shoot a man they say was pointing a gun at them. they said they receive add call and the man was fire ago sawed off shotgun at vehicles. one passenger sustained injuries. earlier he'd been involved in some sort of domestic dispute. another medical team is beginning a life saving mission in haiti. for one of nurses, it's a dream come traumatic. >> reporter: this is a two-week deployment for an emergency team, onto haiti aboard the u.s.s. comfort. >> as soon as i heard about the disaster, i knew immediately it was an excellent missionover go team. >> reporter: the johns hopkins go team is a group of trained doctors and nurses.
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>> we focus one person at a time, help one person at a time. they said, we need six nurses and we need and answer in an hour. i got all my immunizations, prescriptions, documents, everything and left in 48 hours. i've always wanted to work on the comfort. it's a lifelong dream. >> it's not a sacrifice. >> reporter: it's a chance to
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go and help. >> the go team returns the second ovonics month. in sports the best players in fact nba were in texas yesterday for the annual all- star game and certainly were not alone. more than 108,000 people pack into the cowboys new stadium t biggest crowd to ever attend a basketball game and the players didn't disappoint. the east and west clash is always high scoring and this year the east wins 141-139. before the game some of the best players took to the court and nate robinson won a third
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dunking tile. >> and the daytona 500 is over. we're talking sports illustrated swim suit issue. can spring be far away? >> not at all. >> yes, it can. >> spring training starts this week. let's look at@doppler. this clip receiver moving our way. i'm going to the bottom line. compared to the past week, those two blizzards, this is a mosquito bite. this is the graphic here. this is winging across the central straits and not like it's got gulf moisture. it will pull a little moisture up from the carolinas. it's also going to drag mild air up ahead of the bulk of that moisture. we're looking at winter storm
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advisories in effect. could that be extended south and east? it's almost a done deal. you have to understand, we're talking about over 12 hours, if even that. this could be here and gone in seven hours. 1 to 3 inches around the metro and south. once you get through the 50 corridor, we have basically rain rain. i'm not sure, it may be as vile as that graphic makes it look. it's a clipper system that will take temperatures by lunch above freezing, into the mid- and upper 30s in the afternoon, and though we're going to have the mix mess this afternoon, we're still above freezing at dinner time. there's a break in the action as it gets cold, maybe a quick burst of snow right before
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bedtime. go back to the graphic here. noon through midnight, we're not talking about a ton of moisture or energy coming in here. i'm holding out hope for that 3 to 6 inches to migrate north and west. so we'll talk more about that, more first warning weather after the break. we need a manic monday in a bad way. last week we were in total snow coverage t. e-mails came in. >> reporter: we got it this morning, 34 days until springtime. it's manic monday at jiffy lube of maryland hand the american heart association when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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take a look at first
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warning doppler. the difference between this and the two storms of last week and other events, all the moisture pulling in. this low is dragging warmer up the coast. we're seeing temperatures above freezing and staying that way through after dinner. this is going to be disruptive, not
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problematic. again, we're thinking south and east rain, 1 to 3 inches mix mess throughout the central portions of the viewing area. again, this mix mess could migrate a little bit north and west. once the low passes on by, we'll see continues temperatures averaging 10 below normal. we'll see through the five-day no precipitation at all, none. today still above freezing, later on tonight 27. we could get a little burst of snow after this event. partly sunny breezy, 35
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tomorrow. in the five-day, no precip and no great heat either. thank you. let's get to the traffic control. >> we have a new accident on 83 in the southbound lanes, vehicle into a snow bank there at cold spring lane. we have a wreck on the west side, inner loom at baltimore national pike. speeds still at and above posted speeds. in the city, east madison and inns brook, gas main break ed monoson at winslow. southbound lanes there, but no official delay. this traffic report brought to your by toyota. a lot of people are wondering about the toyota recall. to get the facts and latest information, please visit now it's time for manic monday.
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>> reporter: ladies and gentlemen, jiffy lube of maryland and the american heart association. what's your name? >> lindsay butler. >> get from behind that sign. that is not so fabulous.
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>> it's jiffy will be of maryland, the american heart association, go red campaign. how are you doing? >> doing great. >> thanks for coming out. >> we're in a fortunate position to be able to raise money. we're here today, the go red campaign for women. we're trying to emphasize the heart disease issues for women, trying the raise a lot of money. our goal this year so to raise another million dollars nationally. when customers come into our locations, we give them a coupon book with $100 in savings for $3. we've raised $46,000 last yore and our goal was $50,000 this year t. local operative noters are here to support that
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campaign. >> we're happy you came down this morning. thank you very much. the website is >> we appreciate that. >> you go flu march 15th. >> i y weapon be raising money. >> thank you very much. thanks for coming down. >> 43 layers here this morning. let me here the magic word. >> music if you please. >> that's right.
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>> reporter: fabulous,
6:23 am thank you very much. a special thank you out to the executive producer for where i happening the boom box down this morning. thank you very much. we want to invite you back in november. have a great day. >> well done. let's take a break and be right back. car owner: yeah, here she is. friend: it's uh . . . great. car owner: thanks. friend: yeah. car owner: doors would have been nice. friend: yeah. car owner: they weren't in my budget. friend: no biggie. car owner: hey, you want to hop in, go for a ride?
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♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me ♪ good morning: we have a clipper dragging mild air into the region . we have a 1 to 3-
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inch sloppy mix noon through midnight. and 3 to 6 inches north and west counties, may see the mix move a bit your way. again, this is going to draw warm air up with its energy, above freezing, a large mix this afternoon, freezing through the dinner and early evening hours. >> thank you very much. still to come this morning, it's back to school tomorrow but not for everyone. that story is just ahead. >> reporter: nato forces press on with their offensive against aal pan stronghold t. latest, coming up. we have another accident that could get in the way of
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the commute. we'll tell you more coming up. brooklyn decker, nice person, we've had her on before, she's the cover of the sports illustrated swim suit issue. she's going to join us here and we'll talk. the morning edition continues after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we are going to stay above freezing today. that's a good thing. understand this afternoon,
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through the evening, this clipper comes through the area. >> and where is the latest disruption on the drive? we have a few accidents, this one on 83 southbound at cold spring lane. 32 eastbound at the 295 off ramp, and wilkins avenue at maidensbrook lane. police activity at ed monoson street and north winslow. here are the drive times, everything running close to full speed this morning. on the west side not bad for a monday morning. everything looking good on 83 north of the beltway. the traffic report brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people
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wondering about the toyota recalls. to get the facts and latest information, please visit back to you. area schools are shut down and one local county has canceled classes for tomorrow as well. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. city employees have been working hard, clearing away snow from 178 school buildings getting ready for tomorrow. with more snow on the way, official haves already canceled classes for tuesday. will other schools follow? an unexpected week off for thousands of students last week as a historic snowstorm crippled every county in maryland. with cleanup still under way, officials are using the president's day holiday to get things ready for tomorrow.
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>> we do need the extra time. it's the 100 will have year storm. we need as much time and as much help as possible. >> reporter: baltimore's mayor helped city employees clear snow near school. today she's asking for more help from city residents to clear sidewalks so children can get to school without walking in the street. >> we have to make sure schools are ready to open on tuesday. if you're and able bodied person and have a shovel and school if your neighborhood, please help us. >> reporter: some side streets still haven't been cleared. people on bowers avenue remain frustrated habit the condition of their street. >> i had my water heater blow up. the man couldn't get up the street. i don't have any hot water. it's a mess up in here. >> reporter: baltimore city students are asked to lend a helping hand with the snow
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removal. if they help dig out a church, school or neighbor's home, they could be eligible for service learning credits. business is booming for local moving companies, businesses and homeowners concerned about the weight of the snow on their roofs. they also offer advice. etch. >> we're telling commercial customers get engineers in there hand check things out. residentially, they may want to do the same thing. the easiest thing to do, get a longhandalled broom stick and start to pull snow off the roof. >> the greatest danger is buildings with flat roofs because the snow doesn't fall off. a pair of amber alerts over the weekend, if first in prince georges county. a dallas man kidnapped an 11- year-old girl from her home a. tennessee state trooper found her at a truck stop with a
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family acquaintance. and even closer to home, saturday 4-year-old hanna hair began was in the become of her mother's car when her estranged hosteled the vehicle. he is behind bars this morning. history began. >> reporter: nato forces are scanning every inch of marjah looking for hidden explosives. the taliban had weeks to rig the town with mines and traps, enough to surpass the expectations of top military offices. >> they're very random. they are out in the middle of nowhere.
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>> reporter: one o. main goals is winning the trust of the afghan people. 12 people died sunday when a rocket missed its taliban target, hitting a house instead. nato has suspended the use of that rocket system. the president is keeping a close eye on the situation in afghanistan. this is the fist major test of the strategy to send 30,000 more troops to the renal ahead of a planned draw down next year . >> providing building for the people, better security the
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offensive involves 15,000 u.s. and british troops, the biggest offensive since the war began nearly nine years ago. >> the top nato commander apologized for the errant missile strike. a war of words rarely seen or heard in washington, d.c. as dick cheney continues his criticism of the current administration, expressing concern about whether the administration is really tough on terrorism. sunday he continued that commentary and drew a response from joe biden. >> to say that was a big attack we had add 9/111 but it's not likely again, i think it's dead wrong. >> the reason i don't think it's likely is because of all the resources we have put on this, considerably more than the last administration.
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and ohio man come up with the perfect idea for all the snow he's seeing. he's built and igloo in front of his home in cleveland. it took him about a month to build. it has four rooms and one of them has a flat screen tv, surround sound and fireplace. he's an unemployed builder so he has nothing better to do. >> pretty cool place to hang. you know, when you're young, you build a tree house. get older, stay closer to the ground. >> it was a man snow cave. >> exactly. well, perfect place to keep it, the keg. >> build it into the wall.
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we have another clipper system moving our way. this is going to be the first of the season. they've all been different type storms. we'll have a better explanation here. it's a beautiful day start. we are going to cloud up, still cloudy at lunch. in the afternoon, noon to midnight, could be 3 to 9,2 to 10. in the afternoon and evening, we'll see this come our way with mixed precip. in other words, rain and wet snow. when it's over, 1 to 3, but maybe 3 to 6 knot west. we're going to go above freezing by lunch, stay above freezing this the afternoon and into the evening hours. these clippers tend to bring moisture and warm air our way.
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that's where we're getting the mixed mess. is it a pain in the neck? yeah. compared to last week, it's a mosquito bite. coming up, brooklyn decker joins us. she's kind of like cheryl teagues. we're going to talk with her. we have traffic. we're continuing to dig out and we'll continue after this. ,,,,,
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good morning. ocean city right now 19, 0 in oakland, 14
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cumberland, 23 d.c., and we have a beautiful day to start here. we have mild air right up the 95 corridor. winter weather advisory in effect now for areas north and west of the 95 corridor. i can see these migrating south and east as the clipper gets closer. the fact of the matter is this. when it's over, we're looking at rain dun to the southeast on the 50 corridor. this is not near going to have the impact of any storm we've seen this
6:47 am
season. as a matter of fact, remember the that came in a few daysing a? not that. we'll keep it driveway and cold through the five-day. that you know. listen up for the traffic control. >> we have a few issue, 83 southbound at cold spring lane, icy conditions reported there. meantime, 83 southbound at cold spring lane, vehicle into the median there. 32 eastbound at the 95 off ramp. there's a look outside, # 5 no delays, same for 83 and there's the beltway. this traffic report brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering habit the toyota recalls. to get the facts and latest
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information, visit this morning we have a satellite visit with brooklyn decker. >> hi, diane smith, editor of the sports illustrated swim suit issue. there's brooklyn decker. you're having a heck of a couple months, two appearances on the morning edition. >> i'd say that's a pretty good month. >> you know, in your business, this is a very big deal. how many women hate you today? >> it's funny you ask that. look at all the models in the magazine, most of them have been sending me texts, saying you deserve it, we're happy for you, the pictures are
6:49 am
beautiful. the fact that the girls are doing that is a real true tempt to diane and the editors. they really pick decent genuine women. so it's really a tempt to the girls. >> and brooklyn a few years ago sent flowers to a past cover girl. >> it's like you won a national title. >> it is. i feel like the saint this is year. >> diane, keep in mind all the ladies in this year's issue are superstars in their own right. i'm not trying to put anybody into a different room. brooklyn has a different look than a lot of the other cover women, if you will, more of a
6:50 am
natural thing. >> you're right. that's what made this cover so special and why it stood out. we have many amazing women. but this particular picture and brooklyn in particular, such a beauty from within that comes out. that smile and flirtiness, she's special. i think this cover shows how special she is and her beauty and her warmth. that's her smile. >> it looks like me. >> it does look like you. after the workout thing, i said, she's really approachable. >> thank you. >> she's a unique person, a wonderful person and a beauty. can't get better than that. >> we could do this all
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morning. >> what is your biggest fault? >> that's a good question. i'm very much a people pleaser, nonconfrontational. i need to be tougher and get some thicker skin. >> there has to be aching in the armor. >> of course. no one's perfect, especially not me. i have fun doing this. >> are you running into people that are surprised? >> i think it's got to be a woman. i don't think it could be a man
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we have fittings to see what works and you kind of have to have a fashion eye. >> diane, congratulations. brooklyn, congratulations. we can't wait for another interview. rock and roll. >> thank you. >> nice. >> you know what just dawned on me? it's like a sign of spring. it's like, spring isn't far behind. that's a positive.
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we're coming right back. ,,
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let's take a look at first warning doppler radar. here is this clipper system dragging mild air upwards with this moisture, mean to go rain- snow mix, maybe a little snow at the end of the event. it's clear now, beautiful day to start. we'll cloud up. 36 degrees for the high, above freezing in the dinner hours.
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now let's get to the traffic control. >> traffic not bad. we have some problems t. biggest issue 83 southbound, icy conditions blobbing the ramp from southbound 83 to cold spring lane, also an accident in that area as well, a vehicle into a snow bank. one on 32 eastbound at 295 at the off ramp there, police activity there. a water main break ed monoson at north winslow. otherwise things looking good. the west side of the beltway problem and delay free. web, we are always on so for traffic information any type, log onto back to you. thank you. we prepare for more snow tonight and crews are continuing to remove snow from wouldn't it be great if it were easy to spot the good guys ?
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